We have found the start-ups of the future

Budapest, 6 September 2017– The final winners of the first Hungarian energy startup competition, the MVM EDISON Light Up!, have been announced. As part of the programme organized by the MVM Group, twelve finalists were competing in four categories before the jury and the representatives of business incubators. The winners of the finals held in Bálna receive 50 million HUF worth of seed investment and access to acceleration services in order to allow them to become defining businesses of the future.

In the first round of the competition, the jury selected three projects from each category, who each received 1 million HUF as a development grant and were also entered into the mentor programme of the second round, where they were offered help with product development, business plan creation, and prototype testing with the cooperation of our professional partners. The innovators presented to the investors the results of this joint work in Bálna, Budapest, in the form of a high-tech show. The innovations selected as winners during the finals of the MVM Group’s startup competition provide unique solutions to everyday problems.


“I am proud to be part of making sure that these innovations related to energy efficiency and renewable energy production as well as the various smart concepts are put into practice with the help of the MVM EDISON Light Up! programme” – said Péter Csiba, Chairman and CEO of MVM Zrt.

Winning start-ups of the MVM EDISON Light Up! competition

ECObuilder, which provides a modern solution for the heat insulation of buildings with the help of an insulation and panel system based on phase change technology. The aim of the startup is to make the technology used in zero energy homes widely available to the residential, public, and industrial sectors at an affordable price.

HeatTANK would like to replace traditional water-based heat storage with space-saving, less expensive, higher efficiency tanks, the shell of which contains a special phase-changing material. Although tanks using this innovative technology are starting to appear abroad, they are yet to be introduced in Hungary, and the application promises 20% energy savings compared even to those solutions with the help of an optimised design.

POIZO provides a creative solution to the energy-efficient heating of homes, by bringing personal comfort to the foreground. The smart mobile radiator uses the healthiest heating technology, maximizes the heat energy radiated towards the user or the specified areas to be heated, sensing their location in a 360-degree radius, thus solving the everyday problem that arises from the fact that different individuals feel comfortable in different temperatures; one member of the family might be freezing while others might be feeling hot.

BuGO came up with the idea of a dynamic electric scooter network that does not use charging stations and provides unrestricted mobility to the user at an affordable price. This scooter network, which is specialized for the cities of the 21st century, would help users get from one place to their freely chosen destination, door-to-door, without direct pollutant emissions or transfer and parking difficulties. The appearance and additional functions of the vehicle match the lifestyle of the urban youth.

These four projects competed with more than a hundred others during the Light Up! innovation and startup competition of the MVM EDISON programme held between 5 December 2016 and 17 February 2017. The call for applications encouraged Hungarian innovators to step into the spotlight and present their pet projects to the public. The MVM Group supported the implementation of the best ideas with a complex mentor programme, which included – among others – the use of the product development methods and artificial intelligence solutions used by IBM.

Similarly to the first round, the finalist applications were judged by Péter Csiba, chairman and CEO of MVM Zrt, Dr Imre Molnár, chief of cabinet of MVM Zrt, Zsolt Bertalan, CEO of Smart Future Lab Zrt, Gyula Fehér, father of the Hungarian startup world and the founder of USTREAM, and Ferenc Pongrácz, business development director of IBM, which participated in the programme as a partner, in the south-east European region.

Video of the award ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNL5v_30Iz4&feature=

List of winners by categories:


Members of the team:Gergely Károlyi, Dávid Lukács, Zoltán Andrássy, László Jakab


Members of the team: Ádám Miklósi, Dániel Fekete


Members of the team: Zoltán Andrássy, Rita Farkas

PUBLIC/CITY ENERGY GENERATION AND USAGE category: BuGo – electric scooter sharing service in Budapest

Members of the team: Dániel Pintácsi, Sára Gyöngy, Imre Pácsonyi, Bence Szabó, Dávid Kiss, Barnabás Máté Derekas, Márton Gábor Kádár, Borbála Takács